Every year, we have the privilege of honouring the 20 finest cars at our event with exclusive trophies, and this year is no exception!

Prepare for an exciting celebration as we bestow these prestigious awards on Sunday afternoon. It’s a moment that embodies the culmination of dedication, passion, and outstanding craftsmanship in the automotive world. We can’t wait to see which cars will shine and earn their well-deserved recognition in 2024.

Join us at this year’s event to witness the unveiling of these coveted trophies and pay tribute to the exceptional vehicles that make our event truly exceptional. The anticipation is building, and the spotlight is ready to shine on the best of the best. Don’t miss this thrilling moment at our event!

What else is going on


Join us for an unforgettable weekend of automotive excitement at the VolksWorld Plus Show 2024, and make it an experience to remember by camping on-site!

Kids Entertainment Zone

We have a dedicated Kids Entertainment Zone that promises to keep your children thoroughly entertained.

Trade and specialists

Situated at the heart of the event, it will be packed with everything and anything you could need for you and your car, from throttle bodies to T-shirts everything in between!